The key to continued efficient HVAC operation is periodic maintenance. Regular maintenance, cleaning, and servicing will keep your heating and cooling system operating at its peak energy efficiency and safe operation.  It is highly recommended to clean your air ducts prior to the installation of your furnace or air conditioner, or if there is a reoccurring mechanical problem related to the build up of foreign debris within your ventilation system.

Ductworks, Inc., Your Air Duct Cleaning Expert, provides the most comprehensive air duct cleaning service available. The Complete Ventilation Cleaning Package™ is a patented cleaning process which scrapes and scours debris from the walls of your air ducts as it is vacuumed at the same point of contact, USING ADVANCED AIR DUCT CLEANING TECHNOLOGIES.

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Complete Ventilation Cleaning Package™

air duct cleaning equipmentThe Ductworks, Complete Ventilation Cleaning Package™, is an exclusive process which utilizes a system that scrapes and scours away the debris from within your air ducts, while vacuuming at the same point of contact. The Ductworks, Inc. process is proven to be more effective than ANY other air duct cleaning method.

[dropcap2]1[/dropcap2]At Your Service:

Ductworks dispatches your technician, with the right equipment, from a fleet of vans to any location you specify. We greet you in the morning on time and ready to work. Prior to the start of our cleaning, our highly trained technicians perform a walk through with you. We’ll answer any questions that you have about your ventilation system, and our Complete Ventilation Cleaning Package™.

[dropcap2]2[/dropcap2]Job Preparation:

Prior to cleaning, your technician will carefully place drop cloths to protect your home and furnishings. Your technician will carefully remove each vent register to prepare access for cleaning.

[dropcap2]3[/dropcap2]Furnace & Vent Register Cleaning:

While minor in our overall scope of work, the furnace cabinet is cleaned to prevent the chance of debris re-entering the newly cleaned ventilation system.  Your service specialist will remove the furnace furnace fan blower and air vent registers outside for thorough cleaning. Your furnace fan blower and air vent registers are set in a safe place to dry.  Note: This furnace cleaning does not substitute or replace the routine furnace cleaning or furnace maintenance provided by Builders Heating & Air Conditioning.

[dropcap2]4[/dropcap2]Cleaning of Air Ducts:

Ductworks power driven rotary brush and vacuum navigates through each supply and return ventilation line individually. The rotary brush scrapes the interior walls of the ducting, while the vacuum immediately removes all the debris from within your air ducts. After the cleaning of each ventilation line, your technician will inspect the work to make sure that all of the foreign debris is removed.

[dropcap2]5[/dropcap2]Cleaning of Trunk Lines:

Your trunk lines contain 75% of the debris within the ventilation system. Your technician thoroughly scrapes and vacuums the walls of the ducting until completely clean. Ductworks technicians take pride in their work; you will see the benefits of your investment before we leave.

[dropcap2]6[/dropcap2]A Job Well Done:

Upon completion, your service expert will cycle your furnace, and inspect all vents for proper air flow. You can rest in confidence knowing that your home just receives the most comprehensive ventilation cleaning package available.


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Ductworks, Inc. has more certified technicians than any other company in Colorado, you receive quality through knowledge. The primary purpose of this certification process is to provide assurance that Ductworks employees are knowledgeable and proficient in their field, the public gains quality assurance. Certification is also a proof of the Ductwork’s commitment to make sure that all employees are kept current with the latest breakthroughs in the technology.


Our goal is to ensure that the work performed by Ductworks, Inc. meets or exceeds customer expectations and industry standards.

  • Experience.
  • Education.
  • Technical proficiency.
  • Commitment to professional excellence.

Before & After Photos:

At Ductworks, Inc. we want our customer to see what they pay for.  Ductworks, Inc. is the only company that provides before and after photos of the work performed within your home.

Weekly Inspections:

Weekly, your Ductworks technician is inspected by a Residential Manager to continually provide our high quality standards for you.

Better Business Bureau:

After your work is performed, you will receive a postage paid survey card so that you may critique our performance.  This allows us to continually improve our service .

100% Customer Satisfaction:

We take the time to perform our thorough services because we care about your home, health and well being.



[tab title=”Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning”]

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Its logical that air ducts will get dirty over time, and should occasionally be cleaned. The Ductworks Complete Ventilation Cleaning Package™ could be the healthiest home improvement investment you will ever make. By having your air ducts cleaned professionally, you’ll help improve the indoor air quality in your home, and enhance the efficiency of your heating & cooling system.

Fresh and clean indoor air:

Air duct systems are a collection point for for a variety of contaminants. The removal of these contaminants is an important step in the overall plan to improve indoor air quality.

Energy cost savings and system efficiency:

Accumulated debris can restrict the air flow in your air ducts, making your system work harder to heat and cool your home. If a system is neglected, there is a gradual loss of efficiency, which can add to operating costs without your knowledge. The Ductworks Complete Ventilation Cleaning Package™ scrapes and vacuums the debris from your air duct system, and cleans system components to restore them to their peak operating performance.

Fewer mechanical breakdowns:

Over time, ventilation systems with particulate loads and mechanical degradation will compromise the systems designed performance. A thorough cleaning followed by routine maintenance helps equipment last longer, operate with less trouble, perform better, and consume less energy.

Advance warning to system deficiencies:

Every ventilation component is accessed in the Ductworks cleaning process. If system deficiencies are present, they are brought to your immediate attention.