KBPI Christmas Wish | Stacy’s Grandmas House

It all started with a contest: The rules were pretty simple: Tell us what your asking for this holiday season, and why… for a chance to have your wish granted.

One listener… Stacy, asks for a gift of getting her Grandmas house carpets replaced. Willie B DJ of KBPI publicized her selfless request, and calls poured in from contractors of numerous trades transforming the request of carpet replacement to a full blown home makeover.

Ductworks met Brett, owner of CQL 2000 a General Contractor who donated his services. At the time of our arrival there were already over twenty trades at the home. We performed the walk through, to discuss the various projects that desperately needed to be completed. We began with a general meeting, discussing the various projects that would take place, and the high level of coordination it would take for numerous trades working within a confined space.

There was a catch… All of the work to be performed was a surprise to the Grandmother. The grandchildren told the Grandmother that they were going to have the carpets replaced as a Christmas gift, and asked that she stay in a hotel as the work was being performed. All of the work needed to be complete within 4 days!

Within minutes the meeting ended, and all of the contractors formed various bucket lines within the home to remove the homes contents to make space for the various projects that would be undertaken. Within an hour the garage door, furnace and air conditioner were replaced. Ductworks will provided the air duct cleaning at the end of the project once the dust settles.

Willie B of KBPI brought a community of good natured contractors to really show what this holiday is about.

If you could wish for anything you wanted on your wish list this holiday season what would it be?