Preparing Your Home For Air Duct Cleaning

Site preparation is a key element to every successful air duct cleaning service.  Before a job begins, the home owner an air duct cleaning contractor need to review and evaluate all aspects of the air duct cleaning process.

Clearing Work Areas

Prior to the contractors arrival ask the air duct cleaning contractor the amount of space needed around each air vent register and how much space they will need around the furnace and air conditioner.  It is best to have these areas cleared before the contractor arrives; as it allows the air duct cleaning contractor to devote more time of their time towards cleaning the air vent registers, rather than clearing workspaces.

Walk Through with Air Duct Cleaning Technician

Prior to starting the work, the contractor and homeowner need to perform a walk-through of the home to go over how each component of the HVAC system will be cleaned and accessed.  Discuss where protective coverings such as drop cloths and corner guards will be placed.

Pet Safety

If pets are going to be present ducting the air duct cleaning process be sure to instruct the technician what procedures you would like them to take to ensure their safety.  In some instances, homeowners can have the ventilation lines serving an independent room cleaned, and then secure the pets within that given room.  If you intend to leave the home while the duct cleaning is performed, instruct the technician precautionary measures to keep the pets within the home as well as instruction of what to do if the pet escapes.


Duct cleaning can often be a noisy procedure; children’s ears are very sensitive to loud noises, if possible have children leave the home when the work is performed.  If children will be present during the air duct cleaning process, discuss tool, equipment and jobsite safety procedures with your technician.

Fire Safety

In the case of emergency, be sure to show the technician where the fire extinguisher is located, and give them the best contact number in the case of emergency.


If you plan on leaving the home unattended when the duct cleaning is performed, give your technician a contact number to call when the technician completes your project.   Give the technician lock up procedures to secure your home.