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Local Duct Cleaning Company Featured On DIY Show

ARVADA – One Do-It-Yourself cable network show blew up a sand castle in a living room to show what it would do to air ducts. When they called in the experts to clean up the mess, they called in a company from Arvada.

Ductworks recently made an appearance on the “Disaster House” episode.

“Disaster House” is a Do-It-Yourself cable show that simulates storm and disaster damage to show homeowners how to prevent them in the first place, how to clean it up and what they need to know before filing an insurance claim.

During the sand castle episode, the host, contractor Josh Temple, blew up a 5,000-pound, six-foot tall sand castle in the living room of a home to demonstrate an extreme case of dirty air ducts.

“At first I thought it was a prank. I couldn’t believe what they were saying,” Eddy Frisk of Ductworks said about getting the call from the producers.

Frisk says this was no ordinary job.

“Typically we’ll pull anywhere between 30 to 50 pounds of debris out of a standard house but in this house there were literally hundreds of pounds of debris inside the ventilation system. I think this is the hardest job that any air duct cleaning company has ever had,” he said.

Frisk says it took his crews all day but they finally cleaned out the ducts.

“We just took more time. We went through the ductworks, the furnace and the air conditioning system and just took our time and did it right,” he said.

But the hard work is paying off for the Arvada company.

“It was a great experience. It was an extremely hard job but we have a lot of fun and it’s definitely been good for business. We’ve been getting a lot of calls for business,” Frisk said.

Ductworks has been in business since 1990 and employs 30 people.

The episode premiered on Jan. 1 but is repeating on the Do-It-Yourself cable network. Check your local listings for times.
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