Green Air Duct Cleaning

Green air duct cleaners employ advanced methods and materials specifically for green cleaning.   They make an extra effort to not allow any dust to escape outdoors or indoors, and only use natural cleaning products.

Clean & Maintained Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Green air duct cleaning companies ensure that equipment is cleaned and maintained to prevent introducing contaminants into the home or business.  HEPA vacuums require routine inspection to ensure that the filter is properly sealed and operating at peak performance.  HEPA filtered vacuums to prevent dust from being re-released into the air.

No Dust Escapes

No dust should enter your home or be released outside during the air duct cleaning process. Green air duct cleaning companies use source removal cleaning procedures to mechanically agitate and HEPA vacuum debris from the wall of the air ducts.

Green Cleaning Products

Cleaning solvents are needed to clean debris air vent vent registers and furnace components.  Only non-toxic, biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-flammable, environmentally safe cleaning products are to be used.

Limited Use of Sanitizers

Sanitizing agents should  ONLY be used if there is microbial problem. Any sanitizer used in the HVAC system must be specifically registered by the EPA or other applicable regulatory agency for the use in HVAC systems.

Never Use Scented Sprays

Green air duct cleaning companies never use scented spays within air ducts.  A proper cleaning of the air vents will remove the debris harboring the odor.  Scented sprays mask odors, and can potentially cause an adverse reaction to home or building occupants.