Planning for Air Conditioning Installation

If you are planning on installing an air conditioner before the weather heats up, it is important to have the air ducts cleaned before the air conditioner is installed.  Having the air ducts cleaned before the air conditioning is installed will prevent numerous avoidable problems from occurring.

Prevent a Dust Out

When central air conditioners are installed, numerous modifications are made to the furnace cabinet and supply trunk line.  Trunk lines are the main intake and distribution lines of an HVAC system.  Because of the volume of air that is circulated through trunk lines, they are often the dirtiest points of a ventilation system.  Modifications to the trunk lines disrupt and loosen debris on the walls of the trunk lines.  If the air duct are not cleaned prior to installation there is a high probability of drawing debris into your newly installed HVAC components or blowing the loosened dust and debris within your home.

Prevent Fouled Air Conditioning Coils

Home central air conditioning systems draw air from the return air vents; and blow the air through evaporative coils located above the furnace to chill the air.  To a large degree, the energy efficiency of an air conditioner is dependent on the cleanliness of the evaporative coil. When evaporative coils become fouled, they cause a number of problems:

  • Decrease heat transfer: Evaporative coils are made of tiny fins designed to absorb the heat from the air, when dirt or debris enters the coil fins, it acts as an insulator preventing efficient heat transfer.
  • Decrease airflow: Debris can build within the coil face preventing air to freely flow through the coil.  Fouled air conditioning coils negatively affect your HVAC system during the heating season as well.
  • Clogged drain pans: As evaporative air conditioner coils absorb heat from the air, they condensate moisture which flows from the air conditioning system through a drain pan.  Moisture and debris clogs the drain of the air conditioner.
  • Coil Freeze: Loosened debris within the air ducts causes air filters to load prematurely, and fouls evaporative air conditioner coils. Coils typically freeze and fail due to low air flow.

Plan and Prepare

When planning your air conditioner installation, budget air duct cleaning in your installation cost.  Coordinate the air duct cleaning to be performed before the installation of the air conditioner.  Clean air ducts will provide numerous long term benefits.