Dirty Air Ducts Can Be a Fire Hazard

All dust can be a fire hazard and regular household dust is no exception. Help keep your home safe by cleaning air ducts and preventing an accumulation of dust.

How is Dust Dangerous?

Accumulated dust can pose a fire hazard, as all dust is flammable. Ignition of dust can happen in two ways, by a spark of energy, or an extremely hot surface.

Fire Hazards in the Furnace

Air within your home is heated through the burners and heat exchanger of the furnace. Burners heat the heat exchanger to an extremely high temperature.  Above the furnace, within the plenum dust accumulates over time and will occasionally drop onto the top of the heat exchanger.  If the amount of debris is large enough, there is a strong potential of a fire within the furnace.

Fire Hazards from the Furnace Filter

Furnace filters are designed to protect the furnace and air conditioner from dust.  If the filter is not changed regularly dust can accumulate to the point that the filter can collapse and be sucked into the furnace cabinet and cause a fire.

Cleaning Air Ducts

The only way to reduce fire hazard from dust is to reduce the amount of dust. Cleaning air ducts is the easiest, most effective way to eliminate dust build up and prevent potential hazards from forming.  Choose a professional air duct cleaning company as improperly cleaned air ducts may actually cause more loose dust to circulate, creating more of a hazard.