Easy Tips to Keep Your Ducts Clean

Keeping air ducts clean can help keep indoor air quality healthy. Follow these simple tips to reduce dust and other build up in your air ducts.

Change Furnace Filters

Routine air filter maintenance is the most effective means of keeping your air ducts clean. Proper selection, routine exchange, and the proper fit of you furnace filter will dramatically extend the longevity of your air duct cleaning.

Perform An Air Duct Inspection

After the cleaning has been performed conduct an air duct inspection.  Thoroughly look over your air ducts for any evidence of leaks, damage, or gaps.  It is important that air is not drawn or delivered to unintended areas.  Most gaps can be sealed with a caulking gun and air duct sealant purchased from your local hardware store.  If the gap or damage is too large, contact an HVAC contractor.

Perform Routine HVAC Maintenance

Contract an HVAC contractor to provide routine maintenance on your heating and cooling system.  Routine maintenance will ensure that your system is running at its peak efficiency, and will prevent debris caused from mechanical neglect.

Limit Dust Indoors

The best way to limit dust in indoor air is to reduce the amount of dust you have indoors. Dust hard surfaces frequently. Use a vacuum cleaner with a good filter and weekly vacuum all carpets and fabric furniture. Wash bedding, pets, and pet bedding, every week. Limit indoor activities that create dust and never smoke indoors.