What The EPA Says About Air Duct Cleaning

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The EPA offers consumers advice about when to get their air ducts clean, how to choose a provider, and qualities to avoid in providers. The EPA does not certify air duct cleaners, so the consumer is responsible for conducting their own research. What is Air Duct Cleaning? Duct cleaning generally refers to the cleaning of… Read more »

Care for Your Air Conditioning System

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Air conditioning units require regular maintenance to keep them working at an optimal level. Follow these guidelines to ensure your air conditioner is working efficiently. Conduct Regular Maintenance Hire a professional HVAC person to regularly inspect your air conditioning system.  Make any necessary repairs in a timely manner. The longer you put off repairs, the… Read more »

5 Tips to Keep You Furnace Efficient 

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To keep your heating bills low, you need to keep your furnace running efficiently. Here are 5 tips to keep your furnace working at peak performance. Before Winter, Have Furnace Inspected Before the first use, have the have the furnace inspected by a professional HVAC contractor.  The furnace contractor will inspect the furnace to make… Read more »

Easy Tips to Keep Your Ducts Clean

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Keeping air ducts clean can help keep indoor air quality healthy. Follow these simple tips to reduce dust and other build up in your air ducts. Change Furnace Filters Routine air filter maintenance is the most effective means of keeping your air ducts clean. Proper selection, routine exchange, and the proper fit of you furnace… Read more »